Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wi Gon Wum t’Winter Hill

Recalling NLN's post of the poem found by TIM, TF produced a map with points of interest from the poem. JtE, YJ, TF, Ed and myself at the start but JtE must have though he was too fast for us so decided to do his own thing. The rest of us set off through the Chinese Gardens and up to the Pike, where a young lady passed us and sped down onto Georges Lane. I ran on for an effort to find that she had moved into the area from Shropshire and would be a definite asset to a local club - so gave her info of Steve Pearson's Thursday Hill Sessions.
Another effort up to Two Lads for us all, I think, certainly TF and I were working hard to get there, where a natter with Rob Green meant that soon JtE rejoined us and decided to continue with us onto Brunt Edge as it is stated in the poem, passing what we thought may have been the site of the bungalow. A quick look in the book, Underground Above Horwich, suggests it may not be, as there is a site of five houses at a location where we would normally join the mast road if running from Two Lads to the mast. I may investigate further/ We then headed to Burnt (or Brunt) Edge passing Slack House Farm. JtE then took the direct root to Holden's Farm whilst the rest of us went via Matchmoor Lane. Then it got complicated. JtE, YJ and TF returned for a shorter run, whilst Ed an I headed for the reservoir and Whimberry Hill before the climb up to Winter Hill, down to George's Lane and back to the barn. This was of course interrupted by meeting with various other runners : EYJ walking his dog, Andy Staveley, Richard Longlands and others who we didn't know be name.
Altogether it was a good long morning's run with about half an hour's stops. I  managed to clock 11.3 miles and think I need to increase that to 15 miles in reasonable comfort before I can start to tackle some decent long events again.
In the absence of NLN, I took a few piccies.
Ed and TF discussing the various points of interest on the map
Slack House Farm - rarely run past it, despite hundreds of runs along Burnt Edge

Stream on the run towards Holden's Farm

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