Sunday, April 07, 2013

WFDBWGUA on tour - Marathon de Paris April 7 2013

TYC and whizzed over to Paris last Thursday to get some sight seeing in before the great race today.  The idea was to get round the accompanying running expo at the registration centre at the exhibition halls.  The marathon organisation was efficient as always and we just whipped on straight through to the main exhibition hall, which had everything you could possibly need for running of all types including stands for some major european endurance events.

Both TYC and myself got some early morning gentle jogs in around the La Defence area where we were staying to ensure we were fit enough to go but a gippy tummy on Saturday had me worried for a while.

50,000 people entered the marathon but I'm not sure how many started suffice to say it took me 45 minutes to get to the start line after the elites had set off.  As always the Paris route is fabulous with a great party atmosphere making the miles fly by.  The usual marathon aches and pains plagued me but did not stop me.  TYC had a cracking run coming in at 3:31:03 which was pretty good for his first attempt at a road marathon.  As for me, well my lack of training held me back a bit, just outside my target time of 4:15:00 finishing in 4:18:36, so I'm pleased.

As soon as we get all all the data we'll down load it on the blog.  Now for the postponed Rivington Ultra Marathon!

TYC & KLM at the Paris Marathon Expo.


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