Saturday, April 06, 2013

Saturday on Winter Hill 6th April

About to set off this morning at the UT when EtU appeared followed after about five minutes by T’Y.  Good company and a good outing, albeit even slower than usual as we made the most of the conditions by stopping to admire the views/take snaps/chat to everyone we met!  So no surprise that the mileage wasn’t up to much.  Spoilt for choice for pics so quite a few of the boys below, but still a couple more at Out and About 

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Re-visiting the Pike Race

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Approaching Two Lads

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Winter Hill from Two Lads

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Anyone we know?  -  still a  bit of ice around

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Striding out

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Approaching Smithills Res

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Gubbins at the res

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I’ll just do a few press ups!

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A different view of our hill

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The little pond – now will it hold me?  Will he risk it?

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Did you doubt it?

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At the trigpoint

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EtU said...

NLN, please can you take some photos where we at least appear to be running!