Sunday, April 28, 2013

OCT part Recce

The unintentional lonely trek out round the mid and back end sections of the OCT ended up being a very pleasant day out.  The weather did not start off too kindly from Langdale up to Stake Pass but once up to the snow line below Esk Hause it brightened up and produced some magnificent vistas.  Although not a heavy coating of snow some early slips and falls between rocks slowed me down to a snails pace (being slow to to start with the with the new pace I was almost going backwards!).

Some interesting snow and wind features stopped me in my tracks not having seen such fine detail since leaving the frozen rock in the north Atlantic.  On top of Sca Fell Pike it was bitterly cold with the wind blowing down from the north I had a chat with some other OCT contenders.  There is more meat on a sparrow's knee cap than is on these kids.  Feeling very overweight and old I set of for the elusive short way down from the summit to "Middle Earth".  The snow and loose boulders made for an interesting descent; whether or not it is quicker than back-tracking and going down the recommended route I couldn't say.

Jogging on to Cockley Beck was the usual boggy chore, then decision time, do I go up or turn for home?  If I go up, do I turn at the col below Grey Friar or continue on?  The decision to go on to the Old Man was a good one in hindsight as the views were stunning in the bright sunshine and I have never seen the Isle of Man stand out so clearly on the horizon before now.  On the return I made a conscious decision to go back slowly and take in all the views before reaching the boundary stone.  Finishing back at the New Dungeon Ghyll it looked and felt like Summer with people drinking outside, kids playing and a clear blue sky above.  I took far longer than I wanted to but what a fantastic day it turned out to be.

Snow and wind formation forming little ice fingers on rock below Sca Fell Pike

More ice fingers on a Cairn

The Old Man

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Lovely pics Kev :)