Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Not quite Paris...

Well, a grey day in Manchester wasn't exactly as inspiring as Paris to run round but the novelty of running around on roads I normally drive on and going trough red lights kept me amused for most of the Manchester Marathon.

I didn't honestly think I'd get round having retired in quite some pain from the TwA but it seems a week of icing and rest paid off as while the foot still hurt all the way round, I finished it. I also made a couple of friends in the form of two runners from Trentham RC and I've also a club to train with during the week round Stoke now rather than sitting in traffic on the M6.

Despite the injury I managed to get round in 3:25:56 so 5 mins and 4 secs faster than Paris. I was quite surprised and pleased with that but on hearing this news TF set the challenge of a 3:20 in Edinburgh, I'll have a go but not promise!

A quick link to the stats;

Apologies for the road talk, back to the fells everyone!

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