Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fielden Cup - Thursday, April 18th

Whether you are a member of Horwich or not, you are welcome to turn up for the Fielden Cup tomorrow night. The only difference is that only members are eligible to win the magnificent trophy.

Prizes bought (some quality stuff), handicaps worked out (will have to do guests on the night) and everything ready, registration 6.15 to 6.55 at Jolly Crofters (back room). With the tragedy in Boston on Monday, our little race takes on an extra significance - it was first run in the same year as the first Boston Marathon, 1897.
Hopefully I've got Ed's handicap as accurate as possible, but I can't start him off in front of people who he has beaten in recent races, so it has to be scientific based on known results.

Best of luck to TYC at the TWA (along with AS and TV who I see are also entered).

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EtU said...

Are there actually people that I have beaten?